istarted sending my written songs to hilltop records in hollywood california,in december of 2009 i was invited to submit my songs for thier project,i am extremley pleased with the work the executive producer and staff with hilltop records,,they are doing exactly what thier contract states,if you need helpful hints writting your songs send them to nsai first. that's nashville songwritters association.

if i'm invited again hopefully i can come up with a better song. hilltop records has sent 2 cds with my songs,don't be hard on them,they don't have world renound performers,if they did ir would cost you so much more.

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What, Does This, Mean???

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #1063880

My Husband Anthony Clark sent his song in and his song that he had written sounds wonderfully song by Karen Ryder on the Glory Cd it sounds Awesome! So Hill Top records does everything to get your music out!

Their the Best

Buy the Cd Glory and listen to Stormy it will bless you

Thank you Hill top!

to marylene #1376991

What's, There, Address???


I paid Hilltop to record one of my songs called "A Believer's Prayer" for the Glory cd. I haven't received a cd or any mention of it's release. What's going on?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #384364

I am interested in submitting my music but am intimidated by the negative comments I am reading about your company . Do you really have contracts with the famous performers you clain to work with as presented in you introductory letter to me or is this a subterfuge to attract the innocent, I am a good creative writer looking for an ethical company to present over sixty beautiful songs to. Soo please respond and clarify the allegations made against you Thank you E.T


I am a writer whose songs have been recorded/released on the Hilltop label.

I am completely satisfied with the experience so far. I encourage aspiring songwriters to think for themselves.

Listen to a copy of Hilltop's GLORY CD, and decide for yourself. Not Nashville of course, but far less than Nashville prices.

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