Scam, plain and simple. A web search will reveal many hits.

This company (among others) regularly reviews new copyright registrations (which are matters of public record, available for anyone to see), and then solicits the copyright holder with an offer to include the work(s) in some compilation or other such - for a "screening fee" of about $400-$450 USD. Numerous reports indicate clearly that no product will even be manufactured nor sold - the work(s) will simply appear on a "compilation list", thereby legally (and literally) satisfying the promise. The prey is obviously hungry (and unwary) artists.

Sad, really.

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Do, You Know, There Current, Contact Information!!!???


I am surprised they are still operating. I was scammed by them in 1996.

There are many others just like them. Ascap told me they exploit songwriters.


I want my $53.00 Back, country at heart didnt drop yet! year 2001 and i got my reciept its just wrong!


i don't konw they sent a a royalty check one time for about 105 dollars, and i was on one of there comilation albums i paid about 350 dollars foer the song which was done well i don't know i didn't expect to sell a million copies with them which if anyone believ's that actaully the biggest swindlers are a outfit called taxi, i went for demo reweis with rounder records who r legitmit, but those frauds at TAXI r the worst, and i thought simon cowell was all *** tooo


Go to www.hilltopmusicfestival.com and you will see a very legit company. Put your songs where your mouth is and you could win up to $2000!


io recived a letter and they told me the same im changing my mind now

to les #670548

I also received the same form letter. And I will not pay Hilltop Records $399.00 and then sign all my rights away to them so that they can continue to laugh their way to the bank at the expense of musicians whose only hope is to legally succeed in publishing their songs. Thank you all for shedding a laser-light on their racketeering scheme.

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